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Rush university medical center skip to content about rush request an appointment directions to rush contact health records health information coming to rush financial assistance health information multimedia encyclopedia symptom navigator body guide wellness tools health risk assessments health centers care guides in-depth reports decisionassist tools drug notes complementary and alternative medicine pregnancy central carotid artery surgery definition carotid artery surgery is a procedure to restore proper blood flow to the brain. viagra daily prescription The carotid artery brings needed blood to your brain and face. can you buy viagra melbourne You have one of these arteries on each side of your neck. Blood flow in this artery can become partly or totally blocked by fatty material called plaque. Such a blockage can reduce the blood supply to your brain and may cause a stroke. can you buy viagra melbourne There are two invasive ways to treat a carotid artery that has plaque buildup in it. Viagra yahoo mail virus This article focuses on a surgery called endarterectomy. The other method is calledâ angioplasty with stent placement. viagra online Alternative names carotid endarterectomy; cas surgery; carotid artery stenosis - surgery; endarterectomy - carotid artery description during carotid endarterectomy: you will probably receive general anesthesia. You will be asleep and pain-free. How to buy viagra online safely Some hospitals may use local anesthesia instead. buy cheap viagra Only the part of your body being worked on will be numbed with medicine so that you will not feel pain. How long after eating should you take viagra You will be given a medicine to help you relax. viagra super active 20mg You will lie on your back on a padded operating table with your head turned to one side. zoloft e viagra The side your blocked carotid artery is on will face up. cheap viagra Your surgeon will make a surgical cut on your neck over your carotid artery. cheap viagra online Your surgeon will put a catheter (a flexible tube) in place. viagra without a doctor prescription Blood will flow through the catheter around the blocked area during surgery. Then your surgeon will open your carotid artery. viagra for sale The surgeon will remove the plaque inside your artery. Your artery will be closed up with stitches after the plaque is removed. generic viagra online Blood will now flow through the artery to your brain. generic viagra Your heart and brain activity will be monitored closely during your surgery. viagra soft (generic The surgery takes about 2 hours. viagra online After the procedure, your doctor may do a test to confirm that the artery has been opened. cheap viagra online Why the procedure is performed this procedure is done if your doctor has foundâ narrowing or a blockage in your carotid artery. Your doctor willâ have doneâ one or more tests to see how much the carotid artery is blocked. best viagra jokes ever Surgery to remove the buildup in your carotid artery may be done if the artery is: narrowed by more than 70% narrowed between 50% and 70% and your doctor thinks you have a very high risk of having a stroke if you have h. can you buy viagra melbourne
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